Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Reflect and respond

Saturday 3rd October 2020

10-2pm - Online via Zoom

We will begin the meeting with sharing time reflecting upon how we have been doing with all of the changes involved in returning to schools and other work establishments. 

The fabulous Art therapist and collage artist Julia Volonts will share with us her collage/found images workshop (See flyer). Where we will be using the medium of collage as a creative tool to make response art in connection with our clients material and personal reflective practice. 

After the break we will visit virtual exhibitions inspired by Julia’s workshop themes. 

Then we will do further art making in response to the days events.

In preparation for the workshop please gather some found images, magazines, old photo’s/books, flyers, coloured papers etc. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Melissa King 

BAAT NATE SIG coordinator 

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Language, metaphor and symbolism - Online workshop

10am - 2pm Saturday 8th August

In this online Zoom workshop Evelina De Lain introduces us to Internal family systems, clean language and symbolic modelling techniques. 

Evelina De Lain is a Guinness world record holder (Highest Piano Concert in the World – Himalayas 5000m), musician, educator, therapist, adventurer, high performance coach and author of the upcoming book “Extreme Music. Creativity and Self-Actualization on Top of the World”.

Evelina’s work relies on ideas of self-actualization, hero’s journey, archetypal events, inner alignment and “parts” integration. 

She will introduce you to the ideas of ‘Clean Language’ and ‘Symbolic modelling’ which only uses clients content. This is deep metaphorical work that can be used in any setting and within any other coaching or therapeutic technique. We will go over main ‘clean questions’ and will have a few short demo sessions. 
She will touch on ‘Internal Family systems’ and how to use the notion of ‘parts’ to create a more integrative view of ourselves. 
Sharing a framework to integrate these two methods – we can work with internal systems in a ‘clean way’. 

“Symbolic modelling is a therapeutic and coaching process developed by psychotherapists Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, based on the work of counselling psychologist David Grove. Using Grove's clean language, a progressive questioning technique using clients' exact words, the facilitator works with a client's self-generating metaphors to clarify personal beliefs, goals, and conflicts, and to bring about meaningful change. Because of its reliance on emergence and self-organisation it has been called a "post-modern oriented therapeutic approach”.

"The symbolic modelling process guides the client through an exploration of the client's own metaphors, their organization, interactions, and patterns. These embodied metaphors can restrict a client's ways of viewing the world and his or her coping strategies, due to the inner logic prescribed by the metaphors. Without shifting these metaphors, lasting change may be difficult, as the embodied mind may continue to work within the constraints of this old paradigm. Through the facilitation the client can discover how these metaphors can change to meet their desired outcomes, transformative shifts can occur within a client's "metaphor landscape", bringing about meaningful change on cognitive, affective and behavioral levels.”

“The Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) is an integrative approach to individual psychotherapy developed by Richard C. Schwartz in the 1980s. It combines systems thinking with the view that the mind is made up of relatively discrete subpersonalities each with its own viewpoint and qualities. 
IFS focuses on the relationships between parts and between the Self. The goal of IFS is to have a cooperative and trusting relationship between the Self and each part. There are three primary types of relationships between parts: protection, polarization, and alliance.
IFS proponents claim to have a "complete" form of individual therapy that is used for the full range of human development, from the healing of trauma to personal and spiritual growth.”

After the workshop we will experience a live piano performance of an original piece of music by Evelina.

We will then make art in response to the workshop, music and our experiences.

Finally we will share our art making ands reflections. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

NATE online creative gathering

10am - 2pm, Saturday 1st August 

You are warmly invited to join an online creative gathering via Zoom.

This will be a great opportunity for all members of NATE, but especially for members that live far from Manchester and have previously been unable to travel to Manchester for our usual meetings and workshops at the gallery. This will be a chance for us to meet new faces, and get to know each other as a group. 

I have organised the gathering so there is plenty of time for us to share our experiences and how we have adapted our practice during lockdown. We will reflect together on how this has impacted our client work and careers.

I will guide you in a creative visualisation, and we will do a number of creative exercises. 

Before lockdown we would gather in person within the gallery. So with our online gathering we will be experiencing international virtual gallery tours as part of the gathering.

We will make art work in response to the day and our experiences over the past few months. 

Then we will come together and share our art work and personal reflections.

Please let me know if you would like to attend and I will send you the zoom link and details. 

I look forward to seeing you next week. 


Thursday, 5 December 2019

Connection and embodiment

BAAT NATE SIG agenda, 7th December 2019




Referrals and outcomes forms discussion and creation of bespoke forms. 


Connection and embodiment discussion and creative connection and embodiment exercises around the gallery while visiting the exhibitions. 

Elizabeth Price: A LONG MEMORY

Bringing together many new and acclaimed works, this exhibition engages with Price’s pre-occupations of technology, history, politics and pop music.

Unreformed: Wallpaper and Design Diversity





Art making in response to the day’s events



Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Liminal worlds

Whitworth Art Gallery
28thSeptember 2019 


Noemi Scotellaro Massimi presents her training ‘Liminal worlds: Childhood and cults’ 

Noemi is a BACP registered counsellor who works in an integrative way using a person-centred approach and expressive therapies (including writing therapy, psychodrama, creative therapy...). She is also a poet, an actress and a dancer, and she values the therapeutic power of the arts paired with psychotherapy.

She is specialised in working with cult survivors and people who experienced coercive control, having explored this subject through her studies including a masters in coercive control , through her professional practice with clients, and also drawing from her personal experience of growing up in a cult.


Liminal worlds: childhood and cults

- What is a cult?
- Growing up in a cult, memoir of a child - Noemi’s childhood story 
- A matter of identity, how identity is shaped in children within a cult 
- Social isolation- the world inside vs the world outside the cult
- Fears - psychological terrorism in children
- How to detect controlling influences in children’s behaviour 
- How to work therapeutically with children exposed to coercive control 
- Psychodrama exercise: healing the wounds


Visit to the exhibitions 

Anya Gallaccio: Steel tree
A new permanent commission in Whitworth Park by artist Anya Gallaccio, exploring themes of loss, memory and physical presence in both nature and architecture.

LI Yuan-chia: Unusual photographs
A group of Li’s lyrical hand coloured photographs of himself, his sculpture and garden at Banks is shown alongside the artist’s own collection of film cameras. Mostly set in the quiet of autumn and winter, these photographs convey a melancholy beauty from the last years of the artist’s life.

Ibrahim Mahama: Parliament ghosts 
MIF19 World Premiere: This major installation reflects on the half-forgotten history of Ibrahim Mahama’s home country: Ghana, whose journey from British colony to independent nation was completed barely 60 years ago.

Cezanne at the Whitworth 
This exhibition celebrates an extraordinary collection of drawings and prints by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) that has been gifted and placed on long-term loan to the Whitworth by gallerist, collector, author and publisher Karsten Schubert.

Art making in response to the day

Reflections on the art and days experiences 

End of the day

Friday, 3 May 2019

Past, present and future

BAAT NATE agenda 04/05/2019, Whitworth Art gallery, Manchester

Introductions and discussion on the past, present and future of education in the UK. How our own experiences have shaped our practice, and what we predict for the future of creativity within the education system.  

Life story sculpture workshop
A stroll around Whitworth park collecting objects for our workshop. 
Create a 3d sculptural timeline art piece reflecting our past, present and future. 
Group discussion.

Visit to the gallery exhibitions 
Joy For Ever: How to use art to change the world and its price in the market
Prints of Darkness: Goya and Hogarth in a Time of European Turmoil (including Manchester teenagers interpretations and reflections on the current political agenda)

Lunch in the café 

Art making and reflections on the day’s events.

End of the day

Monday, 1 October 2018

A playful introduction to Psychodrama techniques Attunement, role reversal and doubling.

BAAT NATE Agenda 13/10/18


A playful introduction to Psychodrama techniques
Attunement, role reversal and doubling with dramatherapist and Psychodramatist Jeni Goodfellow-Pemsel.


Visit to the gallery exhibitions 
Breathe– exploring the relationship between art and mindfulness 
Kate Haywood –Kate makes intriguing, surreal sculptures in finely modelled porcelain with colourful textiles, glass and metallic elements. Frequently inspired by found objects from long ago and far away. Haywood’s works are designed to engage our imagination and senses. 

Art making in response to the themes of the day.

End of the day