Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Form, Forms & Forming


Form, Forms and Forming was the third Northern Art Therapy in Education (NATE) meeting held at Manchester Art Gallery. The day’s programme concentrated on the study of continuing professional development (CPD) and professional referrals

Morning session - CPD

The first session of the morning consisted of discussions and exchanges of ideas around Continuing Professional Development (CPD), CPD journals and members’ personal experiences of CPD.

There was a consensus that the information on the BAAT website was useful, in particular the diagram aspect. The group also thought the information provided on the HCPC website regarding CPD and auditing was particularly useful. The group discussed various CPD courses, some of which were certified and some which were not. Courses attended by members included; visiting exhibitions, reading professional papers, studying journals, visiting personal and public art exhibitions.

After full-length discussions on CPD, the group were invited to create artwork that reflected their views on CPD and what they had learnt from other members’ experiences.

Afternoon session - Referrals

The group created a series of personal artworks designed to encourage reflection on the subject of form, forming and forms. After viewing the Gallery’s collection of classic modern design chairs, the group used miniature versions of the chairs, kindly provided by Manchester Art Gallery, to stimulate a discussion on referral. The group studied the nature of referrals, referral forms and referrers

Sharon Herriot led a session that concentrated on what each member felt about the referral process in our own respective roles as art therapists and reflecting on different organisations referral forms and processes. The points discussed in detailed included:

     ·        How to create a standardised referral form for all art therapists working in education
·        How more research could be done to prevent us reinvent the wheel when devising new ways to refer
·        What is the purpose of the form?
·        Do referrers need training in filling in the form?
·        A standardised visual form for children could be a good idea, especially when used at the first meeting with child, at periodic reviews and the endings
·        Could BAAT create a database of referral forms on its website?
·        How do we measure, evidence and record data from the referral, whilst still holding confidentiality and practising our code of ethics?
·        How to keep the questions on the referral form succinct
·        Could we ask organisations we work with how they believe a referral form should look and what content it should have?
·        Should we liaise with other agencies?

Nigel Durkan, Group-Coordinator

“I would like to thank everyone who attended the "Form, Forms and Forming" day at the Manchester Art Gallery and for their permission to publish the following photographs from the workshop. I would also like to extend my thanks to Louise Thompson, Health and Well-being Manager at Manchester Art Gallery for offering us the space to work in and helping to develop successful programmes for Art Therapists in Education.”
Nigel Durkan


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