Friday, 17 June 2016


Manchester Art Gallery 
25th June 2016


10 am 

Visit to the exhibitions Hondartza Fraga: The Sea Full Stop, and Boris Nzebo : Urban style.

Tea and coffee break

Social dreaming matrix. Melissa will facilitate a group social dreaming matrix. 

Social Dreaming (SD) aims to promote creative thinking, access to, and management of, new knowledge in a variety of contexts, through the exchange of dream narratives, their associations and amplifications, in a particular setting called Matrix (Gordon Lawrence 2008)

‘This experiential workshop opens our minds to a liminal area between the personal and collective, unconscious and remembered. As dream narratives and their associations are shared, Social Dreaming is a setting for transpersonal work, where dreams are shared without comment, or analysis of group processes, or interpersonal dynamics. The focus is always on the dreams, not the dreamers, and participants are invited to enter in a state of mind which has been called “lucid dreaming”. This state of mind will be developed during the Matrix and will be conducive to the recollection of dreams and their associations.’ Francesca La Have

For more information see the link 

Lunch break

Gemma Lee Bowden from the Owl and the Coconut will share the experience of and the application of visualisation techniques and mindfulness with art within Art therapy practice. 

Beginning with a mindful check in using singing bowls. Following with a journey into our own landscape image. Ending with the 54321 grounding exercise. It is hoped by experiencing these practices for yourself you may continue such techniques for your own self care and your work with clients” Gemma Lee Bowden

Art making session in response to the days events.


The end of the day 

Friday, 18 March 2016


BAAT - NATE SIG meeting 
Manchester Art gallery 
19th March 2016


Introductions and discussion around integrative practice. Do you choose to include different therapeutic modalities within your Art therapy practice? Such as sandplay, drama, mindfulness etc. Sharing thoughts and experiences. 

Manda Thomson will share, and request participants for a piece of Art therapy research she is currently undertaking. 

Visit to the exhibitions The Imitation Game’ - An exhibition by eight international artists who explore the theme of machines and the imitation of life. & ‘To be Human’ (gallery 9) -Featuring mid-20th-century portraits from the permanent collection, this exhibition explores what it is to be human.

Lunch break

Curious cargo will be running a Puppeteering skills workshop with us. In this workshop participants will learn the basic methods through which you bring an inanimate object to life, (i.e. puppeteering skills).
The session will start with a gentle physical warm up as participants will be using all of their body when manipulating puppets. NB please ask the participants to wear loose, comfortable clothing that they will be able to move in.
There will be a series of solo/duo & group exercises through which you will explore how to put energy & focus into an object (puppet), how to share breathe with your puppet, & how to work in synchronicity with your fellow puppeteers.
Using a variety of everyday objects as puppets your puppets will embark on an exploration of their environment, interact with other puppets, & experience/show a range of emotional responses. Through this exercise you will develop the puppeteering skills of: focus, impulse, reaction & movement.
In teams of 3 you will next make a simple ‘scrunched paper’ bunraku style puppet, (see attached photos), & through this puppet will utilise the puppetry skills learnt so far & begin to experience working as an ensemble. (There could be some ‘sharing’ of these exercises with the rest of the group).
Choosing from a range of existing puppets, (these are puppets of mine that I will have brought with me), you will continue to work as an ensemble, (in groups of 3 utilising the bunraku puppeteering skills developed so far), to explore a series of improvised scenes. Through these improvisations the puppets/puppeteers will demonstrate: thought/focus, emotional reaction, muscle contraction/expansion, rhythm/breath, & meaningful movement.  We will share these improvisations with the rest of the group at the end of the session.
Group debrief/sharing of experiences from the workshop. Suggestions for further learning/reading etc.
Tea and coffee break

Art making session in response to the days events.

The end of the day.

Thank you for coming

Melissa King - BAAT- NATE Coordinator 


Manchester Art Gallery,
Mosley Street,
M2 3LJ


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