Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Reflective and creative writing


4th October 2017

Manchester Art Gallery. 


Introductions and writing process discussion. Sharing knowledge of ‘signs of safety’ and peoples experience of this new tool that Manchester social services is implementing. 

Visit to the exhibitions 

Hetain Patel, Don’t look at the finger. ‘Bolton born Hetain Patel uses humour and the languages of popular culture and explores fantasy through a domestic lens.

Mehreen Murtaza and her installation focussed on ‘plant behaviour, communication and consciousness.’

Neha Choksi, Faith in friction. ‘In her new work Choksi tests her belief that to learn to be oneself, one always needs others.’


Tea and coffee break


Reflective and creative writing workshop. Published author and creative writing teacher Mickela Sonola will deliver a writing workshop exploring the themes of fact and fiction, and the space in-between. Springboarding from the themes of the exhibitions we will explore creative non fiction such as memoir, personal essay, autobiography and other forms of artistic self expression. Using a variety of prompts to inspire creative and reflective writing processes. We will explore fictional devices to reveal our truths… and we can use this form of writing to reveal what we are thinking, feeling… this can be a powerful tool for self reflection.(People will be asked to share what they have written, yet you can choose not to if you would rather not)

There is no such thing as autobiography, only art and lies.’  Jeanette Winterson


Lunch break


Art making in response to the days events. 


Reflections and discussion 


The end of the day 

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