Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Liminal worlds

Whitworth Art Gallery
28thSeptember 2019 


Noemi Scotellaro Massimi presents her training ‘Liminal worlds: Childhood and cults’ 

Noemi is a BACP registered counsellor who works in an integrative way using a person-centred approach and expressive therapies (including writing therapy, psychodrama, creative therapy...). She is also a poet, an actress and a dancer, and she values the therapeutic power of the arts paired with psychotherapy.

She is specialised in working with cult survivors and people who experienced coercive control, having explored this subject through her studies including a masters in coercive control , through her professional practice with clients, and also drawing from her personal experience of growing up in a cult.


Liminal worlds: childhood and cults

- What is a cult?
- Growing up in a cult, memoir of a child - Noemi’s childhood story 
- A matter of identity, how identity is shaped in children within a cult 
- Social isolation- the world inside vs the world outside the cult
- Fears - psychological terrorism in children
- How to detect controlling influences in children’s behaviour 
- How to work therapeutically with children exposed to coercive control 
- Psychodrama exercise: healing the wounds


Visit to the exhibitions 

Anya Gallaccio: Steel tree
A new permanent commission in Whitworth Park by artist Anya Gallaccio, exploring themes of loss, memory and physical presence in both nature and architecture.

LI Yuan-chia: Unusual photographs
A group of Li’s lyrical hand coloured photographs of himself, his sculpture and garden at Banks is shown alongside the artist’s own collection of film cameras. Mostly set in the quiet of autumn and winter, these photographs convey a melancholy beauty from the last years of the artist’s life.

Ibrahim Mahama: Parliament ghosts 
MIF19 World Premiere: This major installation reflects on the half-forgotten history of Ibrahim Mahama’s home country: Ghana, whose journey from British colony to independent nation was completed barely 60 years ago.

Cezanne at the Whitworth 
This exhibition celebrates an extraordinary collection of drawings and prints by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) that has been gifted and placed on long-term loan to the Whitworth by gallerist, collector, author and publisher Karsten Schubert.

Art making in response to the day

Reflections on the art and days experiences 

End of the day

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